Having a coach helped me create a plan to take care of myself so I can, in turn, be more creative and effective in my work with clients and colleagues.

Trina’s honest feedback has been through grace, when I’ve been down on myself for underachieving. It has raised me out of my discouragement and dismay of feeling stuck or simply not being able to transcend a specific area in my life (weight management is a big example). She’s also shared with me things about herself that have helped me know that I am not alone with struggles. Her honest feedback has helped me see the big picture and to effectively reflect on what all I have accomplished even when I have difficulty viewing it as such. Trina is holistically-minded and understands the complete person rather than a single piece.

I am much more able to view myself through a softer lens. I am able to better recognize the small things I’ve accomplished and how they’ve added up to amount to much. I think what has most been stressed is the issue of self care and letting some things go or place them on hold as I work through other things. This has been a real issue for me (as a list-driven perfectionist who beats themselves up for not getting everything done). I’ve been able to relax my expectations of myself. I’ve been able to get to what’s most important to me in a given time. I’ve been able to see small things as positive steps toward accomplishing something. This, in turn, has helped me to relax my expectations of others and let it go.
— Rose
Trina also helped me with the ‘take a deep breath’ moments. I have learned to hold stress at bay by mindful eating, meditation and yoga.
— Caroline
Trina is an attentive listener, providing a safe space for me to ask tough questions that don’t have easy answers, to share my doubts and feelings even as I am trying to figure things out. I feel as though I have evolved into a more confident, more mindful, more authentic version of myself, evidenced in my life and relationships with a new sense of freedom to be myself. I don’t need to fit into a box created by someone else.

Like Peter Scazzero wrote in ‘Emotionally Healthy Spirituality’: ‘Ask God for his person to share your heart with during this season of your life. Let him surprise you!’ Trina has been God’s surprise to me since June 2013.
— Louise
I wanted to make some changes and have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Trina. We have a ‘no judgment’ conversation. She encourages small changes. I truly look forward to our conversations - it keeps me excited about my journey.
— Sue
Just for the fun of it, I also compiled a list of my favorite ‘Trina quotes.’ These may have come out of our conversations or they may be things that you have also shared with others. In any case, I appreciate my collection below:
’Live the questions.’
’Be true to yourself.’
’Singing is like praying twice.’
’Take the lid off the box.’
’Be gentle with yourself.’
’God is showing up and you are noticing.’
’Recognize when a door is ajar and go through it, if and when you are ready.’
’Don’t expect it, just accept it.’
’Dare greatly.’
’Remember things are happening in the pond even when the water is still.’
’Let go of the right thing if it is the wrong time.’
’Fearlessly free to be myself...’
Coaching with Trina has already been of great benefit in my work and overall lifestyle within a few weeks. What a blessing!
— Rosalie
I am treating myself better, moving out of shame and making goals more doable. I relax more and have started practicing yoga regularly.

Trina understands the important need for trusting the spiritual journey, which in turn helps me meet my desired needs.

I am different now as I am more accepting of myself, i.e. doing more loving things for myself, which helps my interpersonal relationships, helps me to eat better and pushing myself less as I can be too driven. I am trusting the process spiritually.
— Janelle
I always look forward to talking with Trina. Her insight and perspective have been very helpful!
— Greg
Trina doesn’t do the work for me. She doesn’t even have all the answers. But she has an objective view on what’s happening on my field of play – in my case, health management. She asks questions that have helped me clarify my goals, identify my challenges and weigh choices on how to respond.

She helped me ask a question that makes it easier to navigate between the things easy to enjoy now and those that are hard but give long-term enjoyment ahead. When faced with a challenge, I ask, ‘How am I loving myself by doing this?’ I love how I feel when I am loving myself well.
— Carlota
Trina helped us reimagine our situation and out of that my husband and I made it a goal to incorporate exercise as part of our family life starting with our family vacation in 2014. Once the re-visioning of our habits was set, our eyes started to open to new possibilities and ways of doing things.
— Ingrid
She has become a positive voice in my head, pushing me forward to the things I have always dreamed of, but never truly believed were possible.
— Yvonne
She affirmed me and encouraged me to see what I would not allow myself to see in my life. Together, we planned steps to help me live my life for me, and to take action to make myself happier and living fuller.
— Becca
Trina has a deep spiritual wisdom and is always able to help me look at any life challenge with a different perspective which allows me to find the best resolution. Her coaching has helped me to keep moving forward, both physically and mentally, in a positive direction when I am feeling stuck and I now have the courage to achieve my professional goals.
— Maureen
Through Trina’s coaching I was able to understand the importance of self care and how it can impact those around me in a positive, nurturing way. She helped me to understand that who we are on the inside, is who we share with the world. Caring starts from there and reflects outward.
— Lory
Trina is amazing! A dynamic, engaging speaker and a nourishing, encouraging coach, she brings out the best of all those who are fortunate enough to interact with her.
— Christin
My sessions with Trina have left me with new insight and perspective on my creativity, a word that I never associated with myself. I walk away feeling empowered with talents and skills I never knew I had. Trina challenges me to think beyond my self-limited beliefs.
— Karen
I was at a standstill in my career and I wasn’t sure what new career path I wanted to choose. I went to Trina with my ambitions and goals. Trina was a strong support to me in all of my decisions. She was confident in me and her advice made me strive that much harder because I knew more than ever that this was the time to achieve my dreams and make them a reality. I am now a new employee at an amazing company and I’m absolutely thrilled to embark on this new journey. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Trina and I am now very excited about my future.
— Keri