We Can Only Change Ourselves

I have a little ritual when I plant flowers. I   plant in the ground and push the dirt around it and then I say to myself or out loud (depends if they neighbors are outside), “grow plants grow!” I somehow believe even plants need a little encouragement! 

I feel so hopeful every spring when I plant flowers. My ego wants to believe that those 3 encouraging words inspire growth. I have been gardening for a long time and I am not naive to believe my words have anything to do with creating strong, sturdy plants. Plants need the right conditions to grow.

People, not unlike plants, also need the right conditions to grow. Perhaps, you have been gently nudging someone like your husband, child, or co-worker to grow. Fill in the blank, “grow,____, grow”! How is it working for you? 

I have learned the hard way through my relationship challenges that I can’t change anyone, I can only change myself. Just like I can’t force a plant to grow, I can’t force growth in others. I can encourage growth but I can’t make it happen. Fortunately, I can trust in the Divine’s perfect timing to create the perfect conditions for plants and people growth.  Season after season, I utter the same 3 words but this year I became aware maybe these words are meant to seep into my own soul, “Grow Trina, Grow!” Because like I said, we can’t change anyone we can only change ourselves. 

Are you willing to grow as a result of the hard things you are experiencing? What is life trying to teach you?