I Am My Body Prayer

A shift happened. I did not know saying this prayer would rock my world. Caution: Do not pray this prayer unless you are ready to be brave.

I recently found this prayer among the beginning pages of my soul book (aka journal or thought pad) from January 2006. I had been praying this prayer asking God to help me love myself more. Little did I know some events in my life would force me to fight for a just cause, the just cause of loving myself!

In early January of 2006, I asked my husband to leave our home because I loved him and I loved myself enough to say enough is enough! Our marriage was in trouble and we needed help. It was the most loving thing I have ever done for him or myself. It was not easy and I did it without knowing the outcome.

The words of this prayer (author unknown) seeped deep in my soul and without me realizing it a shift had happened. Warning: Pray at your own risk.