Memorable Photo

Two years ago, on a college visit to the University of Pittsburgh, my son captured the two of us in a memorable photo. After touring the campus, we had dinner at a restaurant that had a balcony and a beautiful scenic view of Three Rivers and the city of Pittsburgh.

It was here on the restaurant patio that my son, a wanna be Engineer, crafted a shot I will cherish forever.  Like a true Engineer, he had an idea and then he set out to create it. To do it, he had to use a chair, a piece of wood, a ketchup bottle and salt and pepper shakers to prop his smartphone at just the right angle to take this memorable photo. Like “engineering” a memorable photo, creating a well-lived life takes vision and “things” to support and create the vision.

What is your health vision or what are your #relationshipgoals?

What do you need to bring that vision to life?

Who are the people who can support you in “engineering” a well-lived life?

I know, some big questions. Having a vision and asking ourselves reflective questions takes time, space and patience. I have to admit I got impatient with my son when he took such care in creating this photo but I can testify having this memorable photo was worth it. I also know it's worth the wait  to have a long held vision come to fruition. 

Make a commitment to create a memorable life!