Staying Alive

This past spring I was feeling hopeful. Hopeful that this would be the summer that I would keep my hanging baskets alive all summer. Last week, before we left for vacation I placed my baskets on top of our trash pile!

Flowers in pots need to be watered everyday. My forgetfulness and lack of attentiveness killed my flowers. My spirit is not unlike a plant. It needs my daily nurture and care. If not, my spirit, too, can dry out, wilt, shrivel up and die. My signs of drying out are less obvious than a plant but I recognize my spirit is drained and dull by my attitude and anxiety. I notice I become dry when I  don't have meaningful connection with my family or friends. I begin to wilt when I constantly find myself "thinking" and don't  have enough spaces to play and have fun.

I guess it's more important to keep myself alive rather than a plant but just maybe next spring I can keep my hanging basket alive! Albert Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."  A wise man with some sound advice, perhaps I could try a new strategy next spring and set a daily phone alarm that will remind me to water my plants  and also remind me that my spirit needs daily "watering" too.  Seems like a win-win! Will keep you posted.

What areas of your well being need your daily attention?