Life, One of My Greatest Teachers

“Experiences that shake us, shape us.”

On January 5, 2006 I stood alongside my husband, Ben, on the pulpit, in front of our religious community. We were making an announcement to the congregation where Ben served as a pastor for 9 years.  We announced he would be resigning from his pastoral ministry position in June and we would be moving to Indiana where I would begin Seminary later that year. We had a desire to some day work together as co-pastors serving in a Mennonite congregation.

We made this plan and felt certain God was leading us in this new direction.

I never made it to Seminary.  The day after making that announcement, as a couple we felt the devastating effects of the the slow growing “tumor” in our marriage, Ben’s sexual addiction. This “tumor”  was sucking the life out of our marriage and us and we realized “it” needed a radical treatment plan. That week, I told my husband with a certainty I never felt before to leave our home to seek treatment so I could begin to heal too. Asking my husband to leave made our departure from our church happen more abruptly and several weeks later they asked for his resignation.

After many months apart and along with the help and support of friends and professionals we grew stronger as individuals, understanding how and what we could do to prevent further growth of this “tumor”. I never got my Seminary degree but I got training in life. Our four children and my life became my greatest teachers.

I believe the Divine abruptly halted our Seminary plan because he had greater things in mind for us. It is our personal healing that we offer as hope to others who are struggling. We have a passion for encouraging individuals to find freedom from those things that keep us from being connected to ourselves, God and others.

Seek us out if you are silently dealing with a slow growing “tumor”  in your marriage or life. We offer coaching for couples or as individuals.