Got Juice?

It happened twice in one day. My smartphone died. There were warning signs that my phone battery was running on 20%, and then 10% of the battery but I didnt heed the warnings. And so I was left with a phone with no “juice.

For me, it was unusual to lose my connection to the world twice in one day but the night before I forgot to perform my nightly ritual of plugging my phone into its power source so it would work properly the next day, all day.

LIke a phone that needs to be charged. I too need to be regularly charged. At midlife, my energy levels are not what they used to be.

How would our lives be different if we got plugged into a power source at least once a day so we could function properly all day? Are there warning signs that your battery may be running low? I know there are times when I completely shut off my phone to save its battery. What if we took some time each day to shut down ourselves so we could save our “batteries”?

We plug in our iPods, laptops, smartphones, and iPads every day to get recharged. What do you do on a regular basis to recharge yourself?

Early one summer I was getting some warning signs that my battery was running low.

My warning signs are: I am irritable, have little to no energy, frequently overreact, and I “should” on myself. I recognized I needed to reconnect to my “power source” and be recharged. I couldnt wait for our vacation, so I planned a day to be alone at a local retreat house where I had time and space to do whatever I wanted. What I wanted to do was sleep. I didnt know I was so tired. I took 3 naps. I cant take a personal retreat day every week but I recognize I need to regularly plug in to my power sources so I dont completely shut off. When I shut off, like a phone, I dont function properly and I lose connection with myself and others.

Taking time to recharge looks different for everyone. What is the “juice that runs you?

My top “juicy” activities are taking a nap; moving meditation (aka exercise); connecting to God via nature, journaling, or prayer; eating “real food;” talking to a girlfriend; and alone time with my husband.

We pay attention to our gadgets and the amount of battery left before they die, do you pay attention to how much “juice you are running on? I like the warning on my laptop. It says, “you are now running on reserve battery power.”

What are the warning signs that you are running on reserve power? I invite you to regularly take the 5-60 minutes it takes to recharge to 100% power!

Got juice?