Taking Care of Things We Value

My husband, Ben, and I each own a business. Out of college, we did not set out to be business owners. We both started our careers as high school teachers.  Ben was a math teacher and I was a physical education teacher. After teaching, he pursued a master’s degree and became a  Pastor. I left teaching to pastor a flock of a different kind, 4 children!

Today, Ben owns Stutzman Home Improvements and I own Freedom Coaching.  Both businesses seek to upgrade, restore, and enhance an individual’s “home”.   In Ben’s case,  he helps customers make improvements to their place of residence and in my case, I help individuals restore health to their physical bodies which I believe is a “home” that houses the soul.

In Ben’s business people call him to do their “homework”! People want to maintain their homes because their home has value and is worth something. Most people will take care of  their possessions if they believe it has value and worth.  I help people with their “homework” by empowering and giving permission to individuals  to see their “home”, their physical bodies, as something worthy to invest in and take care of. The return on investment (ROI) for taking care of your physical body is restored health and a renewed spirit.

There is no one size fits all tool that does the job in Ben’s business or mine. Each “home” has it’s own unique design and features. In both of our jobs, it is important to listen to the homeowner  and assess their needs and wants and together a plan is created. Don’t wait, call an experienced “Home” Improvement Specialist today and take care of some of your greatest possessions!

Are you ready to upgrade, improve or enhance your “home”? Do you believe your “home” is valuable and worthy?