My healing journey is the hope that I offer to others as a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide. I started this business as a result of my decision to wake up to my own life.

My spiritual awakening and healing did not happen overnight, but in the Spring of 2006 I started the journey. I remember the day distinctly when I chose to make this shift. I was about to walk through a covered bridge in a park in Philadelphia. As I crossed the bridge, I said to myself that when I walked out the other side I was going to begin a new way of living. I was at the park because I was staying at a local retreat house. My spirit was shattered, my marriage was broken and I was beginning to wake up because my life was calling!

My personal journey has included surviving cancer, recovering from the disease to please, healing from a slow growing “tumor” (betrayal) in my marriage, over-giving, and overcoming many fears, limiting beliefs and doubts. On my healing quest I have gleaned insights and perspectives working with Coaches, Pastors, Counselors, Spiritual Directors, EFT practitioners, and Reiki Masters.

I believe my sacred calling is to encourage and cultivate personal growth and healing in myself and others. During a session, I offer genuine care and a space to listen to you, allowing you to be real about your life. Partnering with the Divine, I hold space for you. Acting as a guide by your side, I nurture truth telling which inspires change and healing.

The personal truths and perspectives that clients discover inspire a healthier lifestyle and more meaningful relationships.

Fun Facts about Trina:

  • Trina is an "insight collector" and quote junkie.
  • Nine years ago, she thought she wanted to be a Mennonite pastor.  Today, she considers herself a Minister of Encouragement  and serves in a "church" without walls. She believes her life and her children have been her best teachers!
  • As a child she enjoyed "playing house." She loved it so much she grew up and continues to play "house" with four kids, a husband of 22 years and 3 pets!
  • Freedom Coaching is Trina's second business. At the age of 22 she started Trina Derstine Sports Camps.
  • Trina has authored over 50 journals. They scream, "I am a human being!" and they remind her to make a life worth recording. You can read all about her "humanness" and                                                            "strangeness" in her blog, Soul Messages.

For over 20 years, Trina Stutzman has been a coach. Trina began her professional career as an athletic coach on the high school and university level. She has worked as a job coach in the workforce development program at a local community college. Currently, alongside her personal coaching practice, she coaches individuals who participate in corporate wellness programs.

Trina is a trained lay minister through Stephen Ministry International. She attended the Kairos School of Spiritual Formation for three years where she received spiritual formation training. Trina received her coach training from Coach U and is a Credentialed Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), of which she is a standing member.  Trina is also a graduate of Ursinus College, where she earned a B.S. in Health and Physical Education.

Is your life calling? Consider crossing the bridge to a new way of living. Begin the journey by contacting me for a free, 20 minute consultation.